The Mining Exhibition

Life in the Mine

The Entrance to the Mining Exhibition

As you enter, the history of mining is the main focus. The most important milestones of mining in Bramberg are displayed on an overview board on the right hand side.

Prehistoric Mining

The first room concentrates on ore deposits and their findings. How did people in prehistoric times find ore reserves and which ores were mined in the region?

Life in the Mine

Behind the scenes in any mining business are many people. How did these workers/shareholders live and why did they undertake such dangerous work?

Work and Tools

Here you can see an original drift from Bramberg and learn about the dangerous work there. The tools which were used are on display in the third room. Large pictures, which reconstruct scenes from historical mines, give us an impression of the heavy work involved.

From Ore to Metal

The main work begins only after the ore has been extracted. To turn the ore into metal is a complex process. This process involves cleaning the ore, making the pieces smaller, smelting etc. and would be impossible without water, wood, coal and manpower.

Inventions and Technology

The technique of turning ore into metal in an age without electricity is remarkable. Marvel at the ingenuity of man. Several end products of the process are on display.