Welcome to the Museum Bramberg

"People and their Culture" - "Emeralds and Crystals" Exhibitions

Whilst the underground part of the Museum is dedicated to the National Park Exhibition “Emeralds and Crystals”, the rest of the house devotes itself to teaching visitors about the fascinating life of our ancestors via the folk culture exhibition and the history of the “Wilhelmgut” house itself. Through a rich variety of displays and exhibits, we reveal the history of craftsmanship, customs, arts and life in bygone days. There are also displays of animal and plant life in the Pinzgau. Upstairs in the attic, you get an insight into the world of bees and the work of the beekeeper. The open air display, which features construction as it was in former times, draws our attention to the creativity of our ancestors.
There you will find:

an old brick oven, in which we bake traditional farmer's bread.