Emeralds and Crystals

Experience Minerals

The province of Salzburg stands out due to its particularly large diversity of minerals – attributable to a complex geological situation. Emeralds, rock crystals, fluorite, titanite, adularia, epidote – many different minerals in a small area.

Minerals originated and originate through complex processes over millions of years in so called crevices (rock crystal, adularia, fluorite …), or are formed in rocks (emerald, pyrite, actinolite, …). Through the process of erosion the minerals find their way to the surface.

Take the time to immerse yourself in the world of minerals or in a world which leads you back into the past, back to our roots and the history of our forefathers.

”The Museum Bramberg was redesigned in less than one year. The Hohe Tauern National Park invested 1.2 million euros in the underground annex."

The Background

Minerals have formed part of the exhibition of Bramberg Museum from the very beginning. The museum’s founder, Professor Hans Hönigschmid, and mineral hunters from Bramberg put together a collection of local minerals in a glass display cabinet. As the years passed the collection grew (thanks to purchases by the museum society, the parish of Bramberg and sponsors) ever larger. Notable exhibitions were staged in close partnership with the Natural History Museum in Vienna and thus mineralogy developed into a serious focal point in Bramberg Museum.

Through the comprehensive and ever growing collection – both folk culture and minerals – there was a lack of space. In addition, the attractiveness of the exhibitions was no longer up to date. In 2009 the museum committee voted to modify the museum. This sensational underground annex was made possible through the partnership with the Hohe Tauern National Park.

The work was completed within a year and on 29th May 2010 a newly-arranged museum, complete with folk culture exhibitions and the National Park Exhibition, “Emeralds and Crystals” was opened.

Chasing the green fire

On the Smaragdweg hikers experience the beautiful countryside of Habachtal valley. Alongside the mists of water kicked up by the stream, the valley’s mineralogy is presented in an easily understood and fun format. You will fi nd a playground and climbing area close to Gasthof Enzian. At a mudslide area by Almgasthof Alpenrose, you can borrow equipment to hunt and pan for emeralds. Pure time on trail: 1 ½ – 2 hrs.